Petroleum Testing

Petroleum  / LPG Testing
XRF Sulphur Analyzer for Fuel and Lubes
NMR for Oil in Wax
FTIR Fuel / Oil Analysis
Oil in Water Testing
Flash Point Testing
Vapor Pressure Testing
Trace Elemental Analyzer by Ultra Voilet and Chemiluminescence
Automatied Kinematic Viscometer
Cold Cracking Simulator (CCS)
Viscosit y Baths
Rotary Viscometers       
Density Meters

Distillation Systems
True Boiling Point as per ASTM D-2892
Distillation system as per ASTM D-5236
Distillation system as per ASTM D-1160
Distillation system as per ASTM D-86
Liquid Liquid Extraction
Solid Liquid Extraction

Titration Systems
Columetric / Volumetric Titrator
Total Acid Number (TAN)
Total Base Number (TBN)